I love television and movies. The conflicts, drama, color schemes, and action shots: I look forward to it all. I also appreciate a good song to help set the mood. I was watching The Leftovers tonight with The Man (DVR’d of course; we’re busy people) and a song came on […]

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me About TuneFind?

Cooperstown-Image Courtesey of Idea go :
I’m not baseball’s biggest fan. I do have fond memories of watching the Yankees on TV with my grandfather while eating salted cucumbers from Grandma’s garden. Later, when he started to lose his vision, we would listen to the action on the radio. My dad would take me to games, […]

Five Things I Love – Cooperstown

  Great day for preparing to go camping! My husband is getting the car ready by grabbing our stuff from storage (aka the in-laws’ house). My job is a little less labor intensive, but important nonetheless. I make campfire starter disks with things I already have laying around the house. […]

Campfire Starters

It was a wonderful day today, and The Man decided that we should take a mini-road trip to Woodstock, NY. It’s close enough that it doesn’t feel like a chore driving there, but just far away enough that you feel like you’re “away from it all”, whatever ‘it all’ might […]

Woodstock (And I Don’t Mean The Bird)

Grits, Eggs Sunny Side Up, and Fried Catfish
One of the main reasons why I love living in New Jersey is its close proximity to NYC, lovingly refered to as “The City”. Even if I’m miles away, the City only refers to New York. The weekend started with our 6th Annual Karaoke Night at Duet 35. The night […]

The Lullaby Of Broadway – A Comedy of Errors

"Wastin' my time, in the waiting line..."
Well, folks. I survived. But barely. New Orleans is my Most Favorite Place In The World. (*Now, that might change, but I doubt it.) The Man and I have been there four times in our four years together. This time, we shered the experience with The Cuz and his girl. […]

N-O-L-A, NOLA : Part I

The Man and I decided that our New Year’s Resolution would be to eat out less. (I’m not exactly sure how true that is, since we never had an official discussion, but it sounds good.) So far, we have gone out to eat once. However, I don’t think it should […]

Dinner Party!!!

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Whoa! It’s been a busy few days on my end. But I have to say I was productive and I had fun! I had a date on Sunday with one of my bridesmaids (We call her T) for Football and Baking! The guys watched the Giants play the Falcons with […]

Croissants and Cupcakes and Momos – Oh My!

It all started because of Christmas. I happen to be with a man who prefers experiences over things. That’s great and all, but what do you get him for Christmas? One thing I knew he would like is Scotch Whiskey. Since he has a weakness blended Scotch, and I wasn’t […]

Go Ahead and Wine About It

I woke up this morning at 6:54 am to head to the gym. Amazing, I know. It was strange being there after slacking off for a month. I did 15 minutes on the bike and another 10 on the treadmill, just for something different. I’m extremely proud of myself because, […]

Working(out) For The Weekend – Part 1