Campfire Starters

Campfire Starters


Great day for preparing to go camping! My husband is getting the car ready by grabbing our stuff from storage (aka the in-laws’ house). My job is a little less labor intensive, but important nonetheless. I make campfire starter disks with things I already have laying around the house.

I found this version on

Pincookie does a great job of explaining the steps and even includes a burn test. I’m not fancy enough for a test, but I know they work from previous experience. I’ll give you the step-by-step, with pictures for guidance.

Turkey hand towel not required.
Turkey hand towel not required.

You will need:

  • A small saucepan
  • A small mixing bowl that can be heated
  • Leftover candle wax
  • 100% Cotton wipes
  • Tweezers
  • Parchment or Wax Paper (not shown)
Double boiler set-up
Double boiler set-up

1. Make yourself a nice double boiler. Here’s a great explanation from Baking Bites®.

Looks like a lox more wax than it really is.
Looks like more wax than it really is.

2. Place the wax in the mixing bowl after the water starts to simmer. I know this picture looks gross. I blame it on (a) the reflection of the wax in the bowl, and (b) my husband insisting on throwing anything flammable into our candles once the wicks are gone. Don’t worry; the debris won’t mess up the starters.

Nice and melted.
Nice and melted.

3. Wait until your wax melts completely.

Wax Bath!
Wax Bath!

4. Using your trusty tweezers. dip your cotton pads into the wax. Here are a few notes about this process:

  • I prefer the round disks to the square ones, but any version will work.
  • I use the tweezers to lightly dip the pads into the wax. They are only submerged here because it was difficult to dip and take pictures at the same time.
There's tha parchment paper!
There’s the parchment paper!

5. I set up a piece of parchment paper next me to make the transfer of the pads less messy.

They look like crackers, but don't eat them!
They look like crackers, but don’t eat them!

6. Place the dipped pads onto the wax paper to dry. It should take only a few minutes for the wax to harden, but I like to give them 15 minutes so I can clean up the boiler.

All it takes now is to burn them. Get your logs and kindling set up using whatever style you prefer, but you should have easy access to your kindling pile. Tear your starter just enough to let a little cotton show. Place the campfire starter in the kindling and light it. It should burn long enough to keep the kindling going until the logs catch.

I hope this was at least a little bit informative. I’ll make sure to update with any more tips!

Disclaimer: Please be EXTREMELY careful when dealing with a stove, hot water, hot wax, and open flames of any kind. All children should be under the supervision of a parent. Happy Camping!

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